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EasyHairStyler · Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

The author, owner and provider of www.easyhairstyler.com (hereafter referred to as Easyhairstyler) is ‘Eureco Ltd.’ (hereafter referred to as ‘the provider‘). The provider has designed the following web pages in good faith for the purpose of providing an online virtual hairstylist service for its users.
By using any of the services provided by easyHairStyler you expressly agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.

The user or member of virtual hairstylist and makeup artist easyHairStyler must not:

  • Add or publish any obscene or indecent images or photographs of any other person without their prior consent.
  • Use any part of easyHairStyler or its contents for any commercial purpose or trading without prior written agreement between the user and the provider. The user must not duplicate any part of easyHairStyler except the features offered by the easyHairStyler program itself.
  • Add or publish in the public forum or anywhere else on the website any indecent messages or messages of a commercial nature such as advertisements.
  • Deliberately sabotage forum discussions or discussions in any other parts of the website.

Other terms and conditions

  • The provider will ensure the smooth running of its services provided, minimizing any problems occurring on the website and resolving any issues promptly.
  • The provider of easyHairStyler is not liable in any way for any damage that may occur to the user whilst using the website. The user is fully responsible for their usage of this website. EasyHairStyler only provides the visualised image of a hairstyle and the user is fully responsible for how they use the information and all other services associated with the usage of easyHairStyler.
  • The provider is not in any way liable for any loss of the user’s data, for example photographs, saved looks or the content of any emails sent by its users via easyHairStyler.
  • The provider reserves the right to alter the content of the easyHairStyler site, delete any comments that they consider inappropriate, add new features as well as change terms and conditions of the usage of easyHairStyler.
  • Only the provider of easyHairStyler reserves the right to publish advertisements on its web pages.

Termination / Restriction of Access
The provider reserves the right to terminate the user’s access to easyHairStyler and to its services and associated services or other parts of the website at any time without previous warning. The provider can also terminate or stop the user’s access to the website or its services if their account has remained inactive for a period of time exceeding one calendar year.

Administration of the Registered Data
The provider is also the administrator of the user‘s personal data submitted upon registration. The provider reserves the right to use any personal details gained from its registered users only for the purpose of providing services of easyHairStyler and sending information about its own products, i.e. products of its trading partners. The user can cancel/deactivate notification emails sent by easyHairStyler in the settings on their account or they can request such deactivation by emailing the provider.

Membership Account, Password and its Safety
If the user creates their profile in the virtual hairstylist, they must go through the whole registration process by providing actual, true, full and exact information details in accordance with the registration form. Basic membership is free. The user is responsible for keeping the confidentiality of their password and account details. In addition, the user is fully liable for any and all activities shown on their account. The user agrees to report immediately any unauthorised usage of their account or any other violation of security. The provider is not liable for any losses that may occur as a consequence of unauthorised activity by another party using the user’s password or the user‘s account, with or without the user’s full knowledge or consent. The user is, however, liable for any losses to the provider or other party as a result of any such misuse of the user’s account or password by another party. The user agrees no other party will utilise their account without their prior agreement.

Cancellation of the Account/Registration
The user can cancel or deactivate their account at any time in the settings of their account. The user can also formally request cancellation or deactivation of their account by emailing the provider. Upon deactivation, all the user’s data, including their photograph and functions provided at the time by easyHairStyler will be deleted. If the user paid for the services of easyHairStyler and these services were still active whilst deactivating took place, the purchased services will be automatically inactive upon deactivating of the user’s account and cannot be reactivated. The account is deactivated permanently and the user has to repeat the whole registration process, should they wish to create a fresh account.

Payment process
The user agrees to the fees and duration of the prepaid services (i.e. of the full version of easyHairStyler – PREMIUM membership) in accordance with the terms and conditions visible in the ‘activation window’ when activating the membership. The fee for a full membership is only with the user’s consent and is activated via SMS message payment, i.e. credit card or debit card and bank transfer only in the case of the user choosing this option. If the user has any additional questions in terms of payment, they can contact the provider via email or by phone.

Adjustment of terms and conditions
The provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the services they provide, including fees for usage of the website, placement of adjusted terms and conditions of easyHairStyler, or their despatch via email. Upon receipt of any such changes, the user shall agree with these changes when using easyHairStyler. The user is responsible for being aware of any changes to terms and conditions published by the provider.

Restricting of the system services
The provider carries out regular maintenance of the easyHairStyler infrastructure and on such occasions reserves the right to restrict its system functionality or fully disable the website for a required period of time. The provider will be responsible to provide notification to users of the easyHairStyler website 1 hour prior to any maintenance taking place that may exceed 15 minutes time. Additionally, the provider reserves the right to restrict or interrupt the running of their website in case of any errors that would prevent the smooth running of the easyHairStyler website.

Last updated 10th April 2012


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