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Zuzana Ritchie, Beauty Writer and Make-Up Artist


Ke$ha’s fabulously multi-toned, layered locks in pastel colours have definitely grabbed our attention this week. Copy her style with our DIY Ombre and Dip-Dye Hair Guide.


To Bleach Or Not To Bleach?

This only matters if you are a brunette or have raven hair colour. If you don’t want to commit to bleached hair, buy some blonde or light-coloured hair extensions with clips and dip-dye them instead, using pre-cut tinfoil pieces and an application brush. If you are a dark-haired brunette and opt for a bleach option, you might need two bleach sessions to achieve a white shade. Keep at least two months between the bleach sessions to protect the condition of your hair.


How To Get Pastel Hair Tones?

Mix a little bit of the bright hair dye in a plastic bowl with a generous amount of hair conditioner and then apply to hair. This will achieve the desired pastel effect.


How To Achieve Blended Dip Dye and Ombre Hair?
To avoid block-colours look where the hair dye colours can look a bit disconnected, first gently backcomb sections of your hair. Then apply the bleach and hair dye with an application brush or rub them in with your fingers. Once the hair strands are combed through, all the colours will blend well together.


Which Dip Dye Colours?
Ke$ha proves that pastel multi-tones look much cooler than the brighter variety of hair dyes. She went all out blending softer shades of lime green, darker green, baby pink, orange-pink, baby blue and navy blue and the combination works. Blues and greens, together with purples generally last longer than reds and pinks after washing your hair.


How To Protect Your Dip-Dye Tresses?

Make a hair mask and hair oil your new best friends. Treat your hair to a hair mask twice a week and always use heat protection when blow-drying. Blow-dry your hair on a lower temperature setting and give it a cold blast in the final stage of blow-drying.

Top Tip: Stay away from hairspray if you dye your hair in bright colours. Stronger hairsprays cling to the hair dye in your hair and lift it out quicker.

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