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By Zuzana Ritchie, Beauty Writer and Make-Up Artist


Want to know how to make sure your skin remains radiant even through the gruelling winter months? We share some expert advice to banish dull skin.


What Makes Your Skin Dull?

When the dead skin cells pile up, they diffuse light and make the skin look lighter. The older we get, the slower the skin cells turnover.


How To Keep Radiant Skin?

One word: Exfoliate. The smoother the complexion the more light it reflects, with glowing results.


When To Exfoliate?

Make exfoliating your regular evening beauty routine with a gentle daily scrub product. Deeper exfoliation should be done once a week with a product containing microbeads to work the skin a little harder.


Which Exfoliator Is For Me?

If you have normal, oily or combination skin, seek products containing salicylic acid, which cleans clogged pores. If you have dry skin, it may be prone to irritation, which leads to more dryness and spots. Search for a gentler type of exfoliator, infused with lactic acid and exfoliate just once a week.


What To Do After Exfoliation?

Moisturise! Your skin has natural enzymes that slough away dead cells but if your skin is dry, the process becomes inefficient. Cue moisturisers with ceramides that protect your skin’s natural moisture shield and with vitamin C that brightens the skin with its antioxidant powers.


Top Tip: Need extra help to achieve the celebrity glow? Fake it with a highlighter! Pick a flattering shade (pink, rosy, champagne or yellow tones) for your skin tone and apply sparingly. Blend the creamy or liquid formula with your fingers to the centre of the forehead, top of the cheekbones, chin and tip of your nose.

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